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Energy Squad launches new website; adds JACKFINN to Strategy Team


Integreon’s Grail Research issues an interesting report on the impact of the recession “Green spending” by consumers Grail Research’s ‘The Green Evolution’ Report Reveals That Fewer Consumers Are Buying Green Products


Another fast growing JACKFINN client making great news: Mindseye TunnelVision Streamlines eDiscovery Workflow through Seamless Integration with Relativity


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Here’s an old one that certainly still rings true:  People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.


According to the SBA, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years.  Most common reasons are 1) Lack of Experience, 2) Insufficient Capital, 3) poor asset allocation and 4) unexpected growth.  These issues sound pretty applicable to larger companies as well if you ask me.  Hire and train capable staff, properly raise and allocate funds, and be prepared for change.


Reverse break fees are increasing in popularity as a way to minimize Seller risk and it could be that these types of arrangements become the norm if the markets remain choppy.


Spin-offs were done in record numbers in 2011 as a way to unlock value for shareholders - - look for this trend to continue in 2012.


While traditional financing for acquisitions remains less readily available, many PE firms are turning directly to their Limited Partners to make significant investment directly in deals


Metrics Management thought of the day – Step 8:  Enjoy the ride!  If you are successful in implementing and executing Steps 1 through 7, you will greatly increase your probability of the “Win” - - whatever the Win might be!