Services & Case Studies

JACKFINN provides transaction advice and strategic finance solutions for CEOs, CFOs, and key decision makers.

CFO Services

JACKFINN’s CFO services help companies with unique challenges like mergers and acquisitions, exits or carve-outs, rapid growth, infrastructure expansion, and leadership/skill gaps. Whether you are a start-up/emerging growth company or a larger company, JACKFINN’s real-life CFO experiences can help augment or fill a need in your management team. JACKFINN’s goal is to integrate seamlessly as a member of the team, and services typically include:

  • Forecasting and budgeting support
  • M&A advisory
  • Equity and debt financing
  • Financial strategy and planning
  • Financial modeling
  • Management reporting (dashboards, etc.)

Mergers and Acquisition Advisory

Whether a Buyer or Seller – or an Investment bank, Venture fund, or Private equity - JACKFINN will help close your deal. Our extensive transaction experience (on both the buy and sell side) ensure that we have seen many of the intricacies that transactions have to offer and can help deal teams identify risks, understand issues, and provide overall decision support.

For buyers:

  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Perform financial due diligence
    • Revenues and customers
    • Costs and operating structure
    • Balance sheet and working capital
    • Commitments and contingencies
  • Transaction execution and integration
  • Post deal support

For sellers:

  • Add credibility to and augment the management team
  • Prepare diligence materials
  • Carve-out considerations
  • Communicate with the Buyers and respond to Q&A
  • Transaction execution and integration
  • Post deal support

Growth and Strategic Finance

JACKFINN applies its real-life growth-stage company experience to help growing companies through life-cycle inflection points, including:

  • Business plan financial strategy and modeling
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Project management and support
  • Capital raising strategy and execution
  • Lender relationships and debt financing
  • Key metrics and dashboard creation

Case Studies

How JACKFINN helped clients gain their edge.

Buy Side / Post Deal Support

Introduction: A financial sponsor (“Client”) was negotiating to acquire a Government Contractor and encountered several issues in diligence.  In addition, the Seller had some issues that made financial management largely unavailable during critical periods of diligence.

JACKFINN solution: Mike and his team came in and helped address the diligence items immediately, ultimately resulting in a purchase price reduction for the Client.  Further, because of the issues with the Seller’s management team, Mike further assisted in the process by building the 2012 Budget for the Seller as well a long-term Model, which was instrumental in securing debt financing for the transaction.  Post-closing JACKFINN remained engaged to help transition to a new CFO, and built the Management Dashboard for the new team that is now used for monthly Board reporting.

Conclusion: JACKFINN was able to step into this transaction and wear many hats, effectively quarterbacking major parts of the process for all parties involved, including the Buyer, Seller and Lender.  JACKFINN remains engaged with the Client providing advisory services on an as needed basis.

Next time?  In this situation, the Seller could have benefitted greatly by engaging some help for their side of the process.  Although we were engaged by the Buyer, we were able to “help” the Seller in preparing Budget/Forecasts, etc., although my advice to them in the future would be to engage help early on the process so that you are proactively prepared for what might be coming next.

Growth Stage Finance

Introduction:  A fast growing software start-up (“Client”) owned and operated by the three original founders and a small support team had never developed a formal financial plan (short or long-term).  The Client had positive cash flow; however, were looking to execute on a strategy and make some investments and lacked the financial foundation to assist in the decision-making.

JACKFINN solution: Mike spent time getting to know the business model and strategy and was able to prepare a detailed Budget for 2012 as well as a 5-year Model, both of which aligned with the Company’s short and long-term objectives.  JACKFINN continues to be engaged as the Client’s CFO and help strategic decision-making against the objectives within the current year Budget and long-term plan.  

Conclusion: The Management team had done a phenomenal job in growing their business from scratch, but they lacked the necessary tools to take their business to the next level.  With the engagement of JACKFINN, they now how a solid financial plan to go with their already established strategic/operational goals.  The Company continues to grow and execute on its plan, and may look to raise their first round of financing later in 2012.

Next time? Many start-ups could learn a lesson from this management team, who were not afraid to make the investment to have a high quality Budget and long-term Financial Model to help on day-to-day execution and management decisions.

Seller Support

Introduction:  A founder-owned government contractor services business (“Client”) with approximately $40 million in revenues and 200 employees was under LOI from a strategic acquirer.  The Client had a solid management team that had successfully grown the Company over the 15 years since inception, however, lacked significant deal/transaction experience.  As due diligence progressed, the management team became increasingly strained by the processes/requests of the Buyer.  The Client’s investment banker recommended Mike to the Client to step in and partner with the management team to help respond to the major outstanding financial diligence requests.

JACKFINN solution: Mike and his team were able to step in immediately and handle the most critical diligence request, which was a detailed monthly P&L forecast for the 12 month period immediately post close.  The Company had never prepared a forecast at such a detailed level, and Mike’s real-life experience in this area made it fairly efficient exercise to create a robust model that not only met the requirements of the Buyer’s request, but also could be used as a management tool for the Company post-transaction.  While engaged with the Client, Mike was also able to assist with other critical requests, including creating a presentation with supporting analyses covering explanations for (i) a significant “problem” contract and (ii) current period performance fluctuation analyses.

Conclusion:  While originally thought to be at risk at the time of the engagement, the transaction back on track and Closing expected to occur in early FY12.  Mike and his team continue to be engaged and help the management team address requests/questions from the Buyer.

Next time?  It is NEVER too early to bring in help during a Sale process, especially in these situations with a founder-owned business and a management team that lacks significant transaction experience.  In this situation, had Mike been engaged earlier, it would have enabled to the team to more proactively deal with the Buyer’s requests and potentially accelerated the Closing process.